Wedding Pricing and info

After you've let me know that I am your girl, yay!!! We'll talk about time line and figure out the finer details like time line, how many hours you think you'll need and if you would like a second photographer. Once we've settled those I will send over a contract for you to sign along with an invoice for the full balance and a payment schedule for the deposit and final payment. And once that,s taken care of we can get to the good stuff!!

After you've read through this information and decided you think we would be a good fit I always encourage hopping on a phone call or face time and getting to know each other for a bit! I think personalities meshing is huge for the success of a wedding day so booking, while of course important, is not my top priority. You hiring the right photographer for you IS, even if it turns out that's not me. Hiring a photographer is an important decision and I want to help you through this process. You can also ask me any other questions you might have for me and make sure that I am the perfect fit for you!

First things first, booking process.

First of all..


I wanted to just take a second to tell you how honored I am that you are considering me to document your big day!

On this page you will find answers to all of your questions. Pricing, a bit about me and how I work, wedding planning tips, engagement session information. The works. Please take your time to really read everything through and if there is anything that I haven't gone over here please reach out! I would love to answer any questions you may have for me!

Alright, lets get to the good stuff!

The Rockwater, Secret Cove

Next up. Style

Intimate, candid and emotive.
I feel like if I had to choose three words to describe my style, those would do a pretty darn good job. One of the biggest compliments I've received about my work wasn't about how the photos looked, which may seem funny, but more importantly, about the fact that they made them feel something. Each image brought out emotion and a memory that brought them straight back to that day. I seek out the small moments and showcase the feeling in a big way. That's what I go for and what's important—end of the story.

However, let's talk about pretty photos because that's damn important too! I love the great outdoors. I'm always off somewhere new with my family in tow, meandering around and paling around, and I love bringing that into my work. I find myself drawn to vibrant, earthier tones that naturally reflect the day's shades, and I love to involve as much of the natural texture of the environment as I am able. Big cheesy-crinkly-nosed- laughing smiles beaming my way in front of a waterfall, hiding in groves of giant trees or soaked in golden light at the summit of a mountain as the sun goes down are a few of my favourite things. I am a huge fan of candid imagery, and I do my best to help create a relationship with my couples where they feel comfortable being themselves with me. I am a firm believer that this relationship is key to making those carefree and emotional images I strive for. I feel it's important that I personally choose and edit every image that I had back to you. And I think it is necessary to do and mention that because what editor is going to know what was happening, who the important people are or the image's context better than the person taking it? 

I photograph real, beautiful people in gorgeous settings. I do not believe in liquefying bodies or superimposing photos. Basic touch-ups and extra editing are made only when I feel it is obtrusive to the image. I am happy to recommend a company that specializes in this when requested.

Why did I become a photographer

Because no one else can capture someone how I see them, and I love that! It is damn hard, and yet it comes to me as naturally as breathing. It is beautiful and important, and documenting people in these life-changing moments gives me a wonderful sense of purpose. Plus, I mean, I guess it can be a heck of a lot of fun, too, right ?!


Frequently asked

What kind of equipment do you use?

I currently use a Nikon D850. I have multiple lenses that I use during the day including a 70-200mm, 24070mm, 85mm and 35mm. I have a Nikon D750 along with other lenses that I use as my backup gear.

How many hours do you need to photograph a Bridal Party.

I request a minimum of 1.5 -2 hours, that doesn't include drive time or family photos. The more time you give me the more photos I can give you. For family photos depending on the amount of people 30min-1hour.

Whois in charge of backup locations?

As per contract, this is your responsibility. I am not in charge of booking any locations or securing permits of the location requires one. If you choose to book a backup location, I can help you with ideas but the booking needs to be made by you. ( If a backup is being secured for rain purposes only, as long as its not pouring rain I usually recommend you get some rubber boots and umbrellas and just try to embrace the day for what it is.)

How will you be dressed at the wedding?

I usually wear a black dress or a jumper. As I am on my feet from 6-10 hours, I wear footwear that supports my feet. I usually always wear leather sandals or Birkenstocks. 


There is an additional charge ( determined on a case by case basis) for keeping me later than originally contracted. We have an in depth talk about time line before the wedding so this is not usually an issue. 


I have 2 million in liability insurance for my gear and buisness.

when and how will i recieve my photos?

You will receive your engagement and wedding photos in an online album in the form of a high resolution download for sharing with family and friends. They will be stored in this album for 10 years. You receive printing rights with your photos which means that you are allowed to download and print your photos wherever and however you want for personal use as many times as you like.

Can we give you a list of specific shots we would like?

Abs0lutely, but this is not necessary. Keep in mind that I am not looking to outright copy other photographers in their work, but prefer to have creative control. That said I am allfor shooting a few ideas you have if I haven't already photographed them!


Not at all! As long as your videographer respects the visual space ( ie: not parking themselves in front of the alter for the entire ceremony) we will be just fine! Just be aware that we will most likely show up in each others shots from time to time.

Where should I backup my photos?

I reccomend you purchase an external hard drive to back your images up to. Keep in mind these units will fail in time, so make sure to change where they are stored every couple of years and store on multiple devices. To be extra safe store on multiple hard drives, eg:  1 at home and 1 in your safety deposit box or parents home incase of flood or fire.

Packages and pricing

Eight and Ten-hour wedding packages receive a complimentary, local engagement session with professional editing of all of your images. Engagement photos will be delivered in a private online gallery with the ability to download all 50+ high-resolution images from your session. Your wedding photos will also be delivered here with printing rights for printing wherever and as many times as you would like. All sessions must take place on the Sunshine Coast within 6 months of signing.

What's Included

Package Price

up to 6 hours of wedding day coverage

up to 8 hours of wedding day coverage

up to 10 hours of wedding day coverage




Travel is not included in these prices

Second shooters

A second shooter is always a wonderful addition to any wedding package and allows for a more relaxed and well-rounded wedding day album. I recommend adding a second shooter to weddings with 150+ guests or weddings with a tighter time frame or where the bridal parties are getting ready at locations that are to far for me to capture bride and groom getting ready separately. I choose to work with photographers who have a similar skill set to my own and that is reflected in what I pay them and in the pricing scale that I have below.
6 hours -  An additional $1200
8 hours-   An Additional $1600
10 hours - An Additional $2200

Honestly? Whatever you god damn please.

There is no limit; anything you dream up, I'm your gal. I'll be there for it, ready to go with a big embarrassing, cheesy smile on my face cheering you on with all the bad jokes. Most of which aimed at my clumsy self. You could make pancakes on a slow Sunday morning or head to your favorite beach for a few beers and watching the sunset. Take a hike or a helicopter ride to pop something fizzy at the peak of a mountain. Do you imagine your first dance at sunset with not a sole in sight or lit by 50 sparklers held by 50 of your favorite people. You name it. I'm there.

It honestly doesn't matter to me if you're a Levi's and Blundstones kind of couple or if you've been itching to throw on a fab dress and a Harvey Spector style suit. We're going to nail whatever experience you choose to take me along on!

But I'm not going to lie, being a model is challenging. You're 100% going to wonder if you look stupid for the first 5 minutes, and what the hell are you supposed to do with your hands? But I've got you; you'll be fine. I promise if you and your partner have chemistry and you're willing to trust me, goof around and have fun with each other, your session will be spectacular, and I'll have the photos to prove it!

Your engagement session, elopement or big huge crazy wedding should be exactly what you want it to be. The only common denominator is. We'll have lots, laugh till your sides ache and make some beautiful memories, I promise.

Next up

What the heck to expect??

Engagement Session Tips

I recommend to my clients to wear colour! It pops in photographs and adds to the imagery! But generally, my motto is "light and bright" or "rich and dark' for wardrobe. Some of my favourite shades to photograph are nude, mustard, navy, hunter green, dark red, blush, periwinkle, white, and jean material. I encourage ladies to get their hair and make-up done. And don't be shy about heavier make-up as photos tend to drown people's faces out! I love it when guys wear fun details like suspenders or bow ties or even a fresh hair cut! Make sure to get it cut a few days before just in case it gets cut a touch short! Every little thing you do when it comes to styling for this session counts! I encourage you to bring more than one outfit to the session but make sure that each party has multiple outfits to wear, not just one! It can be as simple as a t-shirt change or throwing on a jacket for guys!

Engagement sessions can be such a blast!!! They are genuinely carefree and fun! I highly recommend to all my couples to take advantage of their complimentary engagement sessions. They are an excellent chance for us to meet, get to know one another; for you to get comfortable in front of the camera and learn a little bit about how I work through posing etc. 

As I only shoot at one location for your lifestyle session, pick somewhere that is diverse! If you need some suggestions for locations, I have tons in my back pocket! But make sure to choose a place or activity that suits you. We could hike up to that viewpoint you've always wanted to see, head down to your usual summer beach in your bathers for a few beers and a quick dip. Take a canoe ride to a secluded island, gorge on doughnuts in your favourite shop, cook marshmallows on the beach at sunset in your cutest jean shorts or throw on a stellar dress and drive somewhere epic and create some dang magic! Nervous? Have a drink beforehand, and I'll drive! 

-Dress for the location! Be practical when choosing your outfits, so your location and season make sense with what you're wearing.
-Avoid wearing black as it photographs quite flat.
-Pick something that flatters your best assets, like a shorter hemline if you have great legs!
-There is always something romantic about a pretty white dress!
-Dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable - you don't want to be wearing a mini dress if you're really a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal!
-Coordinate with your partner - not match- you want to try and stay in the same colour family. Subtle coordination can really harmonize a photo.
-You can also do the opposite of each other if one of you chooses neutrals( navy, black, grey, white, jean) and the other chooses something quite bright! ( that makes for fabulous on camera contrast!)
-Ladies pick neat pieces of jewelry and accessories, i.e., hats, necklaces, earrings, shoes. But make sure it's not something that needs to be constantly "fixed.'
-Remember, the time of day is HUGE for photos. I can take beautiful photos any time of day, of course, but the best light of day for those glowy photos is during sunrise or sunset, the hour before the sun sets and the hour during the sunrise. 
=PLEASE bring your pup!! I adore dogs, and they can bring so much life into a session!

My biggest piece of advice.

Wedding Day Tips

Last but not least!

Before the wedding

Understand your lighting conditions.

When you book your venue and select the location to get ready at, consider the lighting conditions. If you choose a location where the light is dim or the space is tight, that will show up in your photographs. I can work in any lighting conditions that you give me, but the lighting quality is not something I can change. If you choose a dimly lit space for your bridal prep or ceremony, for example, your photos will turn out very moody and grainy. ( I prefer to shoot the mood of your day, and I can't achieve that with flash.) On the other hand, if you choose a space that allows for a lot of natural light and is spacious, your photos will be bright and airy.

To avoid any surprises with lighting, make sure to make time to view the spaces you choose at the same time of day and, if possible, in the same season that you will be on your wedding day as lighting conditions can change hourly based on the direction of the sun.

For indoor spots, be aware that up-lighting with colours at your ceremony or reception will affect your skin tones. The best way for you to see how the lighting will reflect on your skin is to see what the up-lighting looks like in person before the ceremony. Take photos with your cell-phone for the best visual. A romantic mood can be achieved by using market lights, lots of candles and string lights. If you use enough, they usually provide enough lighting for your photos. Focusing my camera becomes tricky in very dimly lit areas, so try to avoid using only candles or super dim lighting. The same goes for your formals. Understand that sunset light can not be achieved at 2 pm. I will generally photograph your session in the shade on sunny days as the light isn't as harsh ( eliminating harsh shadows on your faces and squinty eyes), and it is easier to control. If it's a cloudy day, we are free to shoot wherever we please. ( This is why I love cloudy days!) Always!! Schedule 20 min- 1 hour for just the two of you in the hour before sunset. You won't regret it. 

Grandmas ring

Make sure to tell me about any sentimental details you want photographed

For example: if you are going to wear something your grandmother gave you, or you made a special gift for someone involved with the wedding, TELL ME ABOUT IT! I do my best to photograph as many details as possible, but when something has sentimental significance, telling me about it will ensure that it won't be missed.

Determine whats important

Ask yourself what your top three most important things are on your wedding day. The venue? The dress? The guess list? The party? Photography? Make sure you put most of your time and budget into those three things. Don't be concerned if other people disagree with your top three. This day isn't about those other people; it's about you and your fiance! Much of current wedding-related "traditions" these days are fun but not essential. So don't feel bad if you choose not to invest in a cake or decide not to have a bouquet toss. DO YOU!

Personal details are essential to making your wedding unique from others. The wedding industry has made some significant changes in the last five years. Today, the bride and groom get to express their uniqueness on their wedding day without making apologies. Think about things like socks the groom wears; make them colorful and playful if that's your style! Or if your favorite fast food restaurant on road trips is McDonalds, pit stop there with your bridal party for some fun photos eating French fries or consider having your favorite dessert company cater your wedding. If you guys met at a small little hipster eatery, consider making your guest list smaller to have your reception there. Have a favorite food truck? Have one roll in to cater the dinner or for a midnight snack? Instead of having flower petals thrown as you walk out the aisle together consider a post ceremony champagne toast like the couple above!

Pack a bag of essentials and ask one of your bridesmaids to keep it with you for the duration of your wedding. Hair elastic ( thick and clear) bobby pins, extra earring backs, toothbrush\toothpaste, sunscreen, extension cord and phone charger, cash for the unexpected, static spray, lint roller, tide to go pen or baby wipes, breath mints\gum, straws for the bride ( so she doesn't ruin her lipstick) deodorant, pain relievers, mini first aid kit, tissues, blotting papers, q-tips and makeup remover- baby powder to help with sweat, tweezers, nail file, lipstick in your shade and mini sewing kit.

When you choose your colour palette, be aware that colour will always photograph better than black and white. Black in particular photographs very flat, while white is actually great but always looks nicer with a few colours to compliment it. Mustard, pink, red, blue, blush, rust, or burnt orange, and dark green are my favourites to photograph. I live for jewel tones! A dark navy suit or a charcoal grey suit can look very sharp.

Make sure the family you want to be in photos with know that, and then tell them where they need to be and at what time. This will save you time and a lot of sanity on your wedding day. Better yet, at family photos, have a designated person, a Bestfriend who you've known for forever, for example, there to help wrangle everyone into groupings if you want specific photos. It can speed things up considerably.

Little things can have a big impact on your photos. Bringing a fancy hanger for your dress instead of a plastic one that comes with it can drastically affect how your dress photographs, for instance. Have a "crap corner" in the room you're getting ready. Have your bridal party keep their personal belongings in that corner, so things like bras and food wrappings aren't in your shots. Remember not to make this corner in one of the best spots for light!

Have all your detail essentials like the rings, invitations, jewelry, sentimental pieces at one location so that they can be photographed together if that is important to you.

When you schedule your hair and makeup, I personally recommend that you have it at a location you'll be putting your dress on. Your day is stressful enough, and it makes your life a lot simpler to have these people come to you on your wedding day. When you schedule your sessions, do your best to make sure you are last for hair and make-up. You should be the freshest face walking down the aisle. Also, get ready close to a window. This will make it easier for your stylist to see you, and it's great for photos.

This pretty much only affects the corset style dress, but make sure that you have either your mom or bridesmaid know exactly how the dress should look at the back. The ribbon needs to lay flat and not twisted. This is a common mistake that is easily corrected by having someone know exactly how it should look. The same goes for the bustle!

There are always a few wedding guests that will show up exactly at the time your invitation says the wedding will start. So to prevent your guests from walking down the aisle with you, start your processional approx 10 minutes after the start time indicated on your invitation. This will hopefully allow for the stragglers to get to their seats and be as surprised as the early birds at how lovely you look!

Don't rush through your ring exchange - be aware that I want to give you the best shots possible for this, and that isn't always possible if it's rushed. When you finally get to "Kiss the bride", make sure to linger in the kiss for a few seconds rather than a quick peck. This will give me ample opportunity to give you that kiss shot from several different angles. ( Plus, your guests will go crazy for it!)

Keep the bouquet at your belly button when you walk down the aisle. Don't block your pretty face with the flowers!

Have them organized by the groom's family and the bride's family. Usually, you want to get the children and grandparents photographed first. I have already created a list of photos I get with the family members you choose, so don't worry about doing that on your end. Your main job is to select the folks you want for these photos and make sure they know when and where to be. This usually takes 30 mins and is done following the ceremony.

This is especially useful for cold\wet days and will allow you to stand on it or sit on it and prevent your dress from getting dirty. It's also a great prop and allows for a larger variety of poses!

When you choose your locations for formals ( with or without my help), make sure they are located close to your venues. Drive time eats up a lot of the precious time that could be better spent photographing you and yours. Piling your bridal party in and out of the vehicle takes up a surprising amount of time, as well. I would do my best to keep it to one-two spots that have some diversity within them.

This detail is often missed, but it's vital. Even though you're going to eat dinner, there is a good chance you've only had breakfast. "Hanger" is a real thing, folks. And the best solution is to make sure your bridal party is hydrated and fed. Do yourself a HUGE favour and avoid passing out by making sure you eat, too. Your body will thank you.

Put me on your guest list with a set place in the seating chart. If it's possible, position me as close to the head table as possible. This will allow me to make sure I document all those special moments that happen in an instant, rather than running from the back of the room to try and capture them.

You have me booked for a certain amount of house, so do your best to get everything that you want to have documented with me before your time runs out.

Personalize your wedding

Have an emergency kit

Colour photographs better

Inform the family members who would like to be in photos what time to be there and where.

Think about the small things

Make sure your something special and rings etc. is at bridal prep

Be last for hair and make-up

Make sure you know exactly how your dress should look

walk down the aisle 10 minutes after your schedule start time

The kiss\ring exchange

for the bride and bridesmaid

Choose someone who knows your families well and have them organize chosen members of your family so that this will run smoothly for all involved.

Bring a blanket!

Choose locations that are close together

FEed your bridal party

Include your photographers in your seating plan

Be mindful of your time table

Bridal Prep


Family photos



You made it to the end! If there are any other questions that I haven't already answered for you here I would love to hop on the phone and answer them for you! Shoot me an email and lets get talkin! 

Hey you!!!

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