I live along British Columbia's beautiful coastline, raising my family with my husband, and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else! I specialize in small family-centred weddings and Adventurous elopements in remote locations in B.C. I am heavily influenced and inspired by the natural elements surrounding us and love to include them in my imagery. My family and I spend as much time as possible out in nature, exploring, learning about the earth and scouting locations along the way. 

And here is a little bit of my story..

Your Sunshine Coast B.C. Small Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Hey! I'm Paige

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they are the owners of my heart.

These guys right here, 

Get ready to meet the four loves of my life.

Zoobear 2018

Aka. Hudson and Adaline. Huds just turned seven, and Addy is four and a half and make sure you don't forget the half. It's a big deal. Trust me.

These two are the makers of light, noise and chaos in our household. They are my ever-changing muse babes. They inspire me on the regular while reliving my childhood through their eyes and seeing the world from their view. They also keep me smiling with their always growing personalities and tremendous bourgeoning senses of humour.

I've learned so much from photographing them. I can honestly say my reception and ceremony photographing skills come 100% from chasing these two around B.C, trying to capture every bit of them exploring the world at lightning speed.

klien lake 2019

This here is my guy,

Meet Huds
and Addy

Colin, my partner in life, the one who started it all. Funny story, he gave me my first ever camera when I was in labor with Hudson and I haven't looked back since. He's my biggest supporter, he can also drive me crazy like no one I've ever met. My co-pilot on road trips, makes me laugh till I can no longer breathe. He keeps me grounded and loves me like no other. 

And that brings us to our Girl.

Akeela aka Keelah, keekee, keeks, keekeebear, Keelahbear, keebear, Pazoo, Pazoozoo, Zoo, Zoozie, Zoobear, Kee, Zooz, Beast. Full name: Akeelah Quinoa taquito Pazoo. She turns 8 this February! She was my first baby, long time best friend. Colin thinks she loves him more but he's wrong. She's our protector in the woods, pro snugger, the kids favorite person to play with and Colin's favorite 80 pound scarf. Incase you hadn't noticed from numerous photos she appears in here, we like her a whole lot.

A little bit of my story

goldbridge 2020

After my son was born, I quickly discovered that my true passion in life, other than motherhood, was documenting our story. Freezing time for these little everyday moments of our life that surrounded me. Encapsulating our life and creating our “legacy” for future generations to peruse on lazy rainy Saturday afternoons long after I’m gone. I didn’t realize this importance until I saw the effect of working away from us on my husband.

 These little snapshots into our daily became an important way for us to communicate. Capturing these moments for him, seemingly insignificant to me simply because I am lucky enough to experience them daily, became an essential part of my life. Creating visual stories to share with him in the hope of making him feel a sense of still “being there.” And so, Paige Lorraine Photography was born. Completely unplanned and unexpected but entirely passion-driven. I wish to grow with my clients, to capture their memories year after year with the same passion I avidly capture my own family’s life. I believe that my own sentimental heart is part of what makes me a good photographer. I bring my values and deep appreciation of love, marriage and parenthood along with me to every session. I see through the eyes of a daughter embracing her mother on her wedding day, a woman looking through misty eyes across at her love as he reads her the words of his heart. And finally, as a mother, cherishing every chubby thigh roll and belly laugh before they’ve grown.

to be captured and I will cherish your moments, tearing up behind my camera and laughing till our cheeks ache right alongside you. Choosing me to document your life is asking me to tell the story of your love for all time. I believe in telling that story as transparently and candidly as I am able. Helping create your legacy, your own Saturday afternoon box of memories to hold on to.

Everyone has a story

revelstoke hike 2020

hot springs 2018

camping 2017

glacier national park 2020

goldbridge 2020